Here are the answers to some questions - feel free to email me with more.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

I draw upon the decades of role-playing I've been involved in, and occasionally I'll see some event in real life, or something on television, or in a movie or novel that piques my interest and a desire to put it on paper.

Q: Who designed the cover of your novel?

I did, with a lot of help from 3D design software like Poser. I do some of the texture art myself, as well as the character modifications and posing in the program. Part of the reason I've spent the time on this is to share my vision of the main characters with everyone on the website.

Q: If you write novels, why design so many characters in 3D art?

I need characters for a variety of covers, that's one reason. Another is that it helps me to visualize each character and describe them more accurately in the novels. Yet another is that it gives my readers something to visualize as well. With the wonders of Poser, I'm able to render each character a bunch of times, giving numerous angles and postures to see each character in. For the most part I pick the poses at random, but try to stay within a general mental framework for each character. Last, it gives the readers an idea of what I imagine each character to look like rather than some artist who is disassociated with the novel they are creating a cover for.

Q: I'd like to receive an email when you put out a new book, but don't want any other junk emails, can you do that?

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Q: Why do a series - why aren't you writing one-off novels?

The biggest reason reaches back to 2008 - I went on a reading spree for a while, and after about 30 novels in a month I was getting pretty irritated that all the stories of the wonderful characters I'd been getting into just ... ended. I wanted more. More story, more depth - what happens next?

It was at that point that I realized I'd only get the satisfaction I craved by writing my own stories that would continue in a series. The idea wasn't originally mine - Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series is the same general concept, I believe. However, she goes through the old-school publishing process, and only puts out about one book a year in the series. That's a lot of time to "jones" for the next book.

Also, I'd been a comic book fan for so long that I was used to the idea of books put out in a serialized nature. Granted, comic books are tiny (most have what, 22-24 pages or so of actual content, with the rest being ads?), and I wanted more depth.

Last, I love the idea of a "world" or "universe" that I'm building. When I designed my first few 3D characters to have something to create the cover for H.E.R.O. - Metamorphosis, it was "neat." I now look at the two dozen or so characters I've got on the website and think, "Now we're building something." It's something to sink our teeth into and really get more depth, more information, more pictures, just ... MORE.

So that explains the series for H.E.R.O. When I begin interleaving the creation of my fantasy novels, they'll be in a series as well, for exactly the same reasons. I'm just hoping that I can do the 3D characters justice for a medieval world. (It'll be harder with non-human characters thrown in the mix.)