Interview with Alexandria Infanté

Alexandria Infanté

Interview Date: 5/22/2012


Alexandria Infanté is an author for EternalPress, a Division of Damnation Books, LLC. Her creative writing and short stories are something she’s always loved, even from an early age. She wrote her first Shakespearian tragedy, which she says was exactly that at the age of 16, and loved it regardless. Alexandria has a B.A. in English Literature/Art History; with a Minor in Mythology and History, finishing up her Master’s program. She lives in sunny California, where she is a native. Alexandria has always loved vampires and werewolves, and it just rocks her boat to be able to write about them and get paid for it.

When did you start writing, and was there a significant event that prompted you to do so?

I love the Paranormal! Some of my favorite authors are Laurel K Hamilton, Kim Harrison and Charlene Harris. However, I didn’t see myself reflected in the works that I read, and if I did it was a side character, a supporting character, or a villain; so I thought I’d write my own. Being multi-racial (Puerto Rican, Cuban, Native American, Irish and African-American) I wanted to see a character like me, and the fact that this is rare spurred me on. Authors like me tend to get pigeon holed into one specific genre like Minority literature, Latina, African-American, or Ethnic, who hardly ever move out of that; and I think that this is completely unfair. I hoped by writing what I believe the genre should encompass, people would see the book for the story and negate the race of the character; that being, anyone could place themselves in the shoes of the character, not just someone of a minority background.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? (Assuming said power would be reasonably "powerful.")

Hummm, this is hard. I would so love to have Wolverine’s Anitianium (per Kev - adamantium) (probably spelled this soo horribly wrong hahah) because it would be hard as hell to kill me. I would love Storm’s control of the elements, or Aqua man’s gift to swim like lightening. The Flash’s amazing capability to be in another country in minutes. Black Widow’s, or Lady Death Claw’s kick ass skills would be insanely awesome too. Psylocke’s or Cyclopes’ optic blast. Jean’s Phoenix or Sue’s telepathic abilities would rock. The fact that Dead-pool has like five different talents in one would be entertaining too. The Lantern’s awesome flying skills and turning green hahah, or Spiderman and the fact that I could crawl walls and have a high tolerance for pain. Captain Marvel, because I could switch between being normal and a supper hero; but then I have been in love with Superman since I was a teen, so Ima have to say I would like to be him hahaha, only a girl. And no not Supergirl lol.

Kev's response: Uhh ... so, you love a broad group of powers? :)

Do you have a favorite superhero from novels, comics, or movies?

Yup, Superman. Not to mention he’s hot too in comic and t.v. lol.

Where do you get your inspiration for writing? What motivates you?

When writing, I'm sure I'm prejudiced by plenty of things. I discover brainwaves in songs, movies, the world at large, or just simple phrases sometimes. I love to write at Starbucks because the bustling people always inspire me. The nasty woman impatiently yelling at the Starbuck’s employee, because she gave her a mocha coffee instead of a mocha latté becomes a villain. The Hugh Jackman look alike becomes the next wolf or Ulfric, or the sexy emo guy ordering the Eggnog latte’ becomes the next Master of the city for my vamps. The hot blonde ordering the Tazo berry tea becomes the next warlock, and the tiny brunette might even actually become the next main female character. I love to write at night, especially since I write paranormal. Rainy nights are good for scenes of action, but full moon nights always seem to give me the most creativity. People in general instigate me to create something new. I base both my Paranormal and Fae series on mythology, so I am constantly inspired by a new myth, new legends, Church conspiracies or new facts about lost artifacts; and I incorporate them into my books.

Kev's response: Nice!

Do you pre-plan your stories, or are you a by-the-seat-of-the-pants style writer?

No, I never plan. It’s like I get this little film strip in my head. Someone will say something, or I may even be reading something completely opposite of what I write, and it just starts to roll like a film in my head and I have to put it on paper till I can get to my computer.

Do you write only when inspired, or do you have a set schedule where you sit down to write?

I don’t have a set schedule no, but sometimes I do have to force myself to write even though I don’t want to sometimes. But I find that a nice cold glass of Pinot Gregio hahah, can give me lots of inspiration lol.

Kev's response: So many things want our time. I too have to force myself to sit down and do it, rather than read/watch tv/etc.

Do you have a favorite genre to write in? To read?

Yes, Paranormal. I especially like the Romance of it. I love authors like Hamilton who often travel outside of the box, and commands the reader to take a leap of faith. I especially love the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlene Harris, and I completely feel like Hbo did her work justice.

What do you enjoy the most about writing?

Being able to create something that is all mine. It’s a world that I have created, and I want the readers to feel completely comfortable and at home so that they stay for a while. Not to mention I get to do a little teaching subtly lol. But the love for me comes in my characters. The journeys that they embark on, the lost or found love, and the fact that I take a bunch of everyday teachers and professors and make them chase the things that go bump in the night. As well the interracial aspect, and I get to put the message across that true love has no color lines. That for me rocks! 

Is there any part of writing that you don't enjoy?

Not really, maybe the editing lol. Really mostly when my editor gets a hold of my manuscripts, because we sometimes violently lol disagree.

Can you tell me something odd about yourself?

Hummm, I’ll have to get back to you on that lol. I can’t think of a single thing lol.

Do you write one story at a time, or do you have several novels in the works at one time?

Ohh I’m definitely the multi-tasker. I’ve finished 12 books in the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn series. I’m working on the 13th book as we speak. I have four in my Fae series, three of which are done. Four in my Historical series, three of which are done, and one Contemporary Women’s Fiction Romance. So as of right now I’m working on four books at the same time.

Kev's response: That's a lot on your plate!

Have you ever wondered why evil people want to take over the world? Why not take under it?

Not really. I do wonder why evil exist though. Evil or our understanding of the word evil has been around since the beginning of time. If I tried to understand why evil men ( generalized term here) do what they do I’d be in a padded cell. I think the fact that we invent characters who crusade against it, shows that we know it’s a problem, but other than jails, and maximum punishment; we have no clue what to do about it. I don’t believe anyone is inherently evil, I believe circumstances make people evil. They either thrive in them, or let them take them over.

Kev's response: So ... they aren't evil, they're just goal-oriented!

Where do you see the future as far as paper books versus digital e-books?

This my friend is a conundrum. I love paperbacks, the kinesthetic feel of books, the old musty smell of books written centuries ago. The ancient text that you have to be present to read, and the way that reading something written so long ago makes you feel. But for the fact that I am e-published as well lol, I would have to say that I embrace them both. E-books reach those readers who don’t like to read a hard copy of a book, because everything in our century now is digital and media marketed.

What are your current projects?

Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn is still out. My baby lol and first book released last Aug. It features ancient Egyptian text, the Goddess Asť (Isis), Sekhmet and Osiris; as well as Scottish Folklore all centered on the main character who has no clue she is Isis’ descendant. Auron the main male character is a lycan banished from his Företag 200 years ago and is sent there to protect the descendant. My new Historical A Lad’s Trousers will be released in Aug 2012. Zayla a runaway slave because she’s attacked by a union soldier and accidently kills, who then disguises herself as a boy to escape, but then falls in love with the Ships Captain . Equally, my book Teacher’s Pet featuring Keltic Gods, Fae and a high school teacher caught in the middle of a war between the divide will be released next month. In November, Teach Me the Night debuts. It’s the second book in the Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn series.

Do you have any advice for others about self-publishing?

No, I was published with a publishing company. I haven’t gone that route, but I’m noticing that a lot of authors are taking them both. I’m very interested in seeing how this works out, and may be releasing a few titles of my own to self-publishing.

Do you have any online sites where readers can find out more about you (and your books)?

Yes, my main site is where you can find out the latest info on me, read sample chapters to my books, enter contest, be in the Spotlight for the month, and just see who Alexandria Infante is. But you can also fine me at Facebook:
Live Journal:
Just to name a few lol!
To purchase book:
and a host of other places, just type in Alexandria Infante in Google+. Thanks so much Kevin for letting me be a part of this

Kev's response: Alexandria, thank you much for joining me. Good luck on that mass of projects you've got in the works! (I feel like I need a nap....)

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