Interview with E.L. Lindley

E.L. Lindley

Interview Date: 7/24/2012


E.L.Lindley was born in England but studied at university in Texas and has spent a great deal of time in the U.S. An English teacher for almost twenty years with a passion for writing, she gave up her job to pursue her dream and now spends part of the year working in schools freelance and the rest writing. She has created a series of novels known as The Georgie Connelly Stories as well as stand alone novels. When she is not writing, she spends her time traveling, looking out for adventures along the way and meeting new people who are a constant source of inspiration.

When did you start writing, and was there a significant event that prompted you to do so?

I have always loved writing from as early as I can remember. As children my sister and I created entire sagas which were always very melodramatic and usually involved everybody dying. As I got older I continued to write as a hobby but never even contemplated submitting anything for publishing. A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to meet the author Lee Child in his capacity as visiting professor at Sheffield University and he sort of demystified writing for everybody which was great. His message basically was that everyone should just go for it – what do you have to lose?

Kev's response: While other's experience may vary, I know that I spent about $3,000 US on art assets and advertising early on, and was in the negative for some time. There are places to find budget-minded art (such as DeviantArt), but it's possible to lose money on it. On the other hand, one could just put out a random photo for the cover background to save all that money, and see how it does at first. (And almost none of the advertising turned out overly useful, methinks.)

If you could have one superpower, what would it? (Assuming said power would be reasonbly powerful.)

I would like to be able to read minds. Not only would I use it for good when called upon by world leaders but day to day it would be quite interesting. It would avoid all those little misunderstandings. Although I suppose it might not always be wise to know what people are thinking – maybe mind reading and mind control.

Kev's response: I see you joining the Dark Side in no time at all, E.L.! :)

Do you have a favorite superhero from novels, comics, or movies?

I’m going for Cat Woman. Anybody who looks that good in a cat suit gets my vote.

Kev's response: Superheroes hear that and go on a frenzy to become more chic with their costumes...

Where do you get your inspiration for writing? What motivates you?

My inspiration tends to come from anyone and anything. I am an ardent people watcher and I like nothing better than imagining what other people’s lives might be like. I think people are definitely my biggest inspiration as I love character driven stories best. Having said that though, ideas can just pop into my head at any time, I always carry a notebook around with me just in case.

Do you pre-plan your stories, or are you a by-the-seat-of-the-pants style writer?

I never plan anything which is probably my biggest downfall. I tend to be as surprised as anyone where my stories might lead to. I usually start with the character and then think of a situation which could start things moving and then that’s it away we go.

Kev's response: So you're definitely in the pants camp. Hmm. Pants Camp. Has an odd ring to it.

Do you write only when inspired, or do you have a set schedule where you sit down to write?

I like to write everyday but obviously it depends on time restraints. Ideally I would like to do a blog entry and a couple of chapters, for which ever novel I am working on, every day but it often doesn’t work out. Just so long as I write something I am not too unhappy with myself.

Do you have a favorite genre to write in? To read?

I love reading and enjoy all kinds of genres. The beauty of indie publishing is it has opened the market right up and I think there are some really exciting books available now which would have never been published traditionally. In terms of writing, my Georgie Connelly series of novels are light hearted crime as is my stand alone novel Dare To Lose. My other stand alone Don’t Look Back is a contemporary romance. I didn’t really set out to stick with a particular genre so who knows where the future may lead me?

What do you enjoy the most about writing?

I find writing incredibly relaxing and I like the fact that I am able to write the story that I would want to read. Often when I am reading there might be certain things that I wished had turned out differently. With writing, I am in control and I get to decide how things work out. If only life were so simple.

Is there any part of writing that you don't enjoy?

I am not very technically minded and I write all my stories by hand into notebooks and then type them up. I loathe that part and sometimes put it off so I have a big back log and end up stuck on the computer for days. Editing is not my favourite part either; by that time I have usually read it through so many times I lose any will to live.

Kev's response: Whoa! Paper?! o.O

Can you tell me something odd about yourself?

I have never met any kind of chocolate that I don’t like. I am like the greedy boy, Augustus Gloop, in Willy Wonka& The Chocolate Factory.

Kev's response: I am so there. We can do a chocoholic trip!

Do you write one story at a time, or do you have several novels in the works at one time?

I usually write one at a time although at the moment I seem to have two on the go. I am editing a romance and writing my fourth Georgie Connelly novel. I also try and work on my blog every day. It all gets very confusing and I often have to lie down in a darkened room.

In my evil plot to take over the world, do you advise I use highly intelligent, self-motivated minions, or simple ones, and why?

That depends. Highly intelligent ones would be more interesting to be around and more likely to be able to use their initiative should the situation require it. However, there is always the possibility that they could stage a coup once you have got the world in your grip. Simple ones would require more instruction and wouldn’t be able to think on their feet but they would be loyal and unable to challenge your ultimate authority.

Kev's response: So ... perhaps some smart ones, but stage accidents for them on a regular basis? >:)

Where do you see the future as far as paper books versus digital e-books?

I don’t see why they can’t both co-exist. I love paper books and would be heartbroken if they became extinct but there is no question that e-books have opened up publishing and this has to be to the benefit of both writers and readers. I think, especially at the moment with the recession, publishers are playing it increasingly safe and so, if it wasn’t for the exciting developments in indie publishing, readers wouldn’t have very much choice at all.

What are your current projects?

I hope to have a romance novel called Family Ties published on Amazon in the next week or so and then I can devote my attention to finishing the latest Georgie Connelly story. She is a documentary film maker who tends to get embroiled into extreme situations due to her subject matter. She is feisty and volatile and great fun to write as I really like her. I just hope readers do too.

Do you have any advice for others about self-publishing?

As Lee Child said, just go for it – what do you have to lose? With my first novel, Business As Usual, I tried submitting it unsuccessfully to agents and it was all a bit soul destroying. Self- publishing means that you are totally in control which is very liberating but also a bit daunting especially the marketing side of it. To be honest, I am still learning as I go and am nowhere near an expert but I have found other indie writers to be amazingly kind and supportive, especially on twitter. I would say give it a go and just see it as an adventure, if nothing else you meet lots of great people and have fun.

Do you have any online sites where readers can find out more about you (and your books)?

I have a website which is It has information about my books along with the first chapters. Hopefully readers can have a browse and test the waters. Also there is a blog with lots of random musings.

Kev's response: E.L., thank you so much for joining me! I wish you the best on your varied novels!

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