Interview with Jeff Shanley

Jeff Shanley

Interview Date: 7/12/2012


Kicked out of the lycanthrope clan because he was furless, Jeff decided to get back by writing all about them....

I hear you're making a Revised and Expanded Edition of Mavonduri, is that true?

Yes, I've been working on it for some time now. I'm very excited about it.

Kev's response: Damn it, Jeff! Quit jumping up and down on the couch! Aw, cripes, this is going to end up on the web....

Can you prove this wild theory?

What wild theory? Surely I have no idea what you're referring to....

Kev's response: Surely, or FURRLY?! Admit it, you're in cahoots with the furred demons!

Don't ask how we know, we beat it out of a random bum on the street. The question is, how did HE know?!

Oh, THAT wild theory? Well, some people just can't be trusted with sensitive information nowadays.

We hear there are furred creatures in the first book. Is it true they were all shaved in this revision?

If anything they grew more hair. It's taken a hell of a toll on the couches.

Kev's response: Oh my god, now we've got dwarven lycanthropes running amok?

So what (roughly) was revised? Did you add cowbells? Dancing girls? Dancing cows with bells?

I went through the text page by page and polished it over, in addition to changing scenes, adding new scenes, taking some scenes out even. It's comparable to a director's cut.

Kev's response: You know, cleaning your computer monitor doesn't help a manuscript at all.... Just saying. >;P

Is the book part of a planned series?

Yes, the Mavonduri Trilogy.

Kev's response: I think this is all a ploy, and you'll end up with five books, the fourth being the Snobbit, and the fifth being the Mavarillion.

What differentiates it from a general werewolf type fantasy story?

I think the whole notion of giving the werewolf a plausible culture is what really sets it apart. Most werewolves in fantasy are random marauding bloodthirsty beasts, but what I've done is added a sophistication to their characters in a cultural mindset. That, and with the addition of the werewolf-hunting Wolven there's an interesting dynamic at play.

Kev's response: For a moment, I was thinking you said a plausible couture, and wondered what type of fashion design your werewolves were into. I mean, that sounds unique. I love world-building books (which I suppose is good, or I would dislike my own H.E.R.O. series).

We hear the original intent for the mammoth story was to make a hardcover heavy enough to weight lift with, is this true?

Well definitely mental and creative weightlifting. I wanted something that would engage the reader on the same level that Lord of the Rings did with me to engage my imagination as a reader.

Why are you against weight lifting?

It's not the lifting I'm against. It's some of the people who do it.

Kev's response: *gives the evil eye* I weight lift, you know. Stop jumping on the couch and dissing me, or my minions will beat more info out of that bum.

What (or who) was the last were-creature you communicated with? (Apart from the were-cookie-monster interviewer. We don't count him, nor do we explain speaking in the 3rd person.)

Wow, that's a toughie. I'd say Jake Marlowe from THE LAST WEREWOLF.

Kev's response: If he was the last, how the heck did you have some for your trilogy? Wait, let me guess, it's actually a book utilizing the genetics research from Jurassic Park, but using werewolves?

When will the revision be released?

I've set the release date for Sept. 22, 2012

Kev's response: Which, I've been told, is the birthday of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins of LOTR. Nice homage.

What outlets will we be able to find it in?

For the first 90 days it'll be exclusive to Amazon, as I am part of KDP Select. After that, you'll be able to get it on Barnes & and Smashwords.

Will there be a paperback Print on Demand publisher with it, such as Createspace, Lulu, or a guy named Fred with an Epson dot matrix printer in his garage?

It really depends on how well the ebook does. If there's a demand for a physical book I'll go for it.

What prompted the revision?

I'd read some reviews and was perusing the text of the original edition, and saw an opportunity as an unknown, independent author to revise it. It really boiled down to, "Can I take this story and add to it, to make it more of a cinematic reading experience as well as a literary one?" I also wanted to bring some focus onto Mathion's supporting cast, and he has a great one, as well as the burgeoning conflict between him and Azghar√°th, which became as much of an ideological conflict as a physical one. It really sets more of the stage for Books Two and Three.

If it is part of a series, any timeline on the second part? (And will there just be two, or more?)

No, as a trilogy there will be three. As far as THE LAST ASCENSION is concerned, I've recently hit a snag due to computer issues. But the ball will get rolling back on that one soon.

Kev's response: Sometimes, I love being a technomancer. >:) Computers just work around me.

Back to the bum. He was a spy, wasn't he? You're just trying to find out more information about my evil plot to take over the world! Admit it!

I already have all the information I need. Consider yourself tin-foiled, cur!!

Kev's response: Gah! Some minion's head will roll for this!

Do you have any websites we can get more information?

Well as always there's the Mavonduri Trilogy Official Blog ( and my Twitter, @Mavonduri.

Thanks Kev, it's always fun! I'll see you on SuperHeroHype!

Kev's response: Awesome! Thanks for re-joining me, Jeff! The next werewolf my minions capture, we're going to have shaved. Just an FYI. Then, we're posting pics on the web.

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