Atomizer (aka Franklin Pitchford)

Atomizer is a 24 year old man. He is 5'11" tall, has dark brown hair and green eyes. His body frame is consistent with most blasters - defined but not overly large. He wears a costume, although not for the purpose of being a hero or villain, but rather for "branding" purposes for his business partner, Drey Balen. The costume is black and purple, with embossed black atomic symbols covering it - though the symbols are coming apart (to fit with his power, listed below).

Atomizer has no desire to be a hero or villain. While many supers hide their powers, or don't make their abilities part of their work, Atomizer has partnered with a friend of his - Drey Balen - to form a business to use his power to make money.

He is a blaster with a sole power - the ability to disintegrate massive quantities of material. The power appears to work faster on lower density materials. In particular, metals and gems are destroyed slower than most materials. While most supers have a very small or limited effect to their core ability, Atomizer's disintegration can affect thousands of cubic feet in seconds. The Gahranii aliens call him a paragon due to the ability to channel and control far greater quantities of the umbra when compared to most supers. He is also capable of flying if he uses both hands to project a blast.

He has no special weaknesses.

Atomizer has no martial arts training or first aid training.

His parents are normal humans.

Atomizer is first mentioned in H.E.R.O. - Paragon.