Sparks (no known alias)

Sparks is a 21 year old woman. She is 5'11" tall, has short blonde hair and yellowish-green eyes. She has a rounded face, but most of her figure is hidden by the suit of armor she wears. The armor is black in the most recessed areas, with gray armor plates highlighted with painted areas of purple and pink. The helm has a large clear front and top area, with a Heads-Up Display barely visible to those near her.

Sparks is a bounty hunter who works with a friend named Jazz, who is also a super. Jazz creates useful tools, such as self-regenerating armor, a laser pistol, the suit of armor, and a quad-fan flight cycle for Sparks. Sparks does all the public work.

Sparks is a blaster, with the ability to generate power for any item she is touching (including through armor). She can also make her eyes and/or hands glow like flashlights.

She has no special weaknesses.

Sparks is new to being a bounty hunter.

Her parents are unknown.

Sparks first appeared in H.E.R.O. Shorts - Gatecrasher.