Black Tiger (aka Rael Stromm)

Rael is 21 years old, and works as a carpenter - or at least had up to the point of becoming a mutant. He's 6' tall and well built - as with the others he had a mutant father, and inherited an excellent physique from him. Rael works out hard both in the gym and in a dojo, although while Spartan focused on having an impressive physique, Rael was more interested in strength and speed.

Rael loves combat, he doesn't mind getting injured, and has a slightly sadistic attitude in wanting to overcome and perhaps even injure others. While Rael wants to be a hero, he wants to simply fight and overcome foes even more. Rael's very detail oriented in his movement, something which has aided him with his martial arts, as well as his work in carpentry.

Rael secretly likes Stephanie quite a bit more than just as a friend. He hasn't shown it much prior to the change, but the odd circumstances following their mutation has given him more reasons (and opportunities) to act on his emotions.

Black Tiger first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Metamorphosis.