Rampart (no known alias))

Rampart is a 22 year old man. He is 5'11" tall, has reddish brown hair, and has green eyes. He has a typical build for a blaster super, well built on a normal man's frame. He stays clean shaven.

His costume is a mix of green and black, using gradients to shift between them. On the left side of his sternum is a black symbol of a shield with three ramparts on top. He wears a utility belt with a variety of pouches, and dark boots and gloves. He also wears a mark over the upper part of his face. He is one of the new supers, changing along with Spartan, Psystar and Black Tiger in the same meteor shower. He waited a week while determining what he could do with his force fields before joining H.E.R.O.

As mentioned, Rampart is a type of blaster, able to create force fields at will. These force fields can be hemispheres or full spheres in shape, and either around him or at a distance. He appears to use both hands to control the more powerful shields. It is unknown if they block gasses (or retain oxygen)

Rampart is slightly paranoid - the condition may have influenced the defensive nature of his power.

He has no special weaknesses, although his force fields are his only true defense. They work against both physical and energy attacks, although it is unknown if they block mental attacks.

Rampart has basic combat skills, although he is well trained in first aid.

His parents were normal humans.

Rampart first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Dark Research.