Lady Nocturne (no known alias))

Lady Nocturne is a 42 year old woman. She is 5'10" tall, has red hair normally kept long in back, and has eyes with a red iris and a star-shaped pupil. She has long, sharp talons and two pair of long spider legs coming out of her sides. She has several spiderweb tattoos as well as tattoos of black widows on her right thigh and back.

She is always seen in elegant gothic, renaissance, or evening gown type dresses. She prefers blood, black or reds in general.

Lady Nocturne is a mutant - with the most obvious feature being the spider legs. She has fangs for teeth and talons at the ends of her fingertips.

Lady Nocturne owns The Lady's Web - one of the larger Gothic mutant-based clubs in Metrocity. She is on good terms with Lady Celeste and Lady Rapture. She often has a guard with her.

She has no special weaknesses.

No one is certain if Lady Nocturne has any actual combat training.

Nothing is known of her parents.

Lady Nocturne first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Horde.