Psycom (no known alias)

Psycom is a psionic, stands approximately 6'0" tall, weighs around 220 lbs., and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

He's been a super for years, and is a well known H.E.R.O. agent in the Metrocity region. He works well with the press and public, although he puts out a demeanor of being better than the normal person. He tends to respond to events that have more potential for reward over those that do not. Psycom is also known to have worked with other branches of government in building and testing equipment designed to prevent psychics from using their telepathy or mental attacks while imprisoned.

Psycom's powers include the standard on/off form of telepathy. (He can read a person's mind if he 'attacks' them with his telepathy.) He can also change memories or disable a person's temporary emotional state. He does not appear to have (or at least use) any form of mental blast. He also has telekinesis, and is capable of creating a shield to protect himself and others, as well as move objects at will. His weight limit is not known, although he has been seen lifting vehicles as large as a bus. Psycom can also use his telekinesis to fly himself and others, although his flight requires him to focus on flying to stay aloft. He is capable of speaking with a person he has met over dozens of miles.

Psycom first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Metamorphosis.