Silverlash (no alias known)

Silverlash is a 31 year old woman. A singer before she became a super, she still enjoys working with crowds. She has silvery white hair, is 5'8" tall, and has gray eyes. She maintains no known job other than being an active H.E.R.O. agent, although she is very active in charity events, speaking to schools and helping non-profit organizations.

She is a type of blaster, able to create ribbons of energy that have great strength to them, and can be lengthened at will. She is able to throw these ribbons, much like a bola, in order to trip or wrap up an opponent. They remain in existence for some time, depending on her concentration on them beforehand, and if she is awake the entire time. If unconscious they appear to last an hour or so. She is extremely agile for a blaster, on the order of many higher end mutants. She can lift approximately one thousand pounds.

As is popular with many H.E.R.O. agents, she rides a motorcycle when on duty. She can use her ribbons to extend and grab items above her, allowing her to climb or lower herself rapidly.

She has no special weaknesses, although being unarmored she can only withstand reasonably low powered weapons fire in a direct hit. She tends to dodge weapons fire.

She has extensive martial arts training and first aid training.

Her parents are normal humans.

Silverlash first appeared in H.E.R.O. - New Markets.