Lady Rapture (no known alias))

Lady Rapture is a 41 year old woman. She is 5'4" tall, has long metallic golden hair and violet eyes. Her sole mutant feature is the pair of golden wings coming out of her shoulderblades. She has several tattoos on her back.

Lady Rapture has rarely been seen wearing much clothing - she appears to enjoy the effect a "suit" of scanty clothing has on others. She tends to wear a golden set that includes bracelets, anklets, a choker and a bikini-like covering for the chest and waist.

Lady Rapture is a mutant with golden wings. She has no other mutant features, perhaps barring the eye and hair color. It is known that she always has a wonderful fragrance about her, and some have remarked that watching her has a nearly hypnotic effect on some people. Her eyes glow golden (barring the iris) when she uses her other power - to entrance others into obeying her. Even when not "active," her eyes can have a mild effect on others if she doesn't cover them.

Lady Rapture owns Spellbound - one of the larger Gothic mutant-based clubs in Metrocity. Her club focuses less on the Gothic atmosphere and more on pleasurable activities that perhaps border on the illegal. She is on good terms with Lady Celeste and Lady Nocturne. She is normally accompanied by at least one other mutant.

She has no special weaknesses, perhaps barring an inability to fit into normal society.

No one is certain if Lady Rapture has any actual combat training, as she has never been seen fighting. Few opponents would be capable of approaching Lady Rapture in order to actually attack her.

Nothing is known of her parents.

Lady Rapture first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Horde.