Muckman (no known alias))

Not much is known about the entity known as Muckman. He appeared in Metrocity just after a meteor shower about three years ago. He is a man-shaped (at least the upper body) half-humanoid of moving rock and dirt. He is always partially formed from the elements in the region, so his appearance differs slightly each time. His lower body appears to be a mound of rock and earth that simply flows or moves under him.

Muckman wears no costume or other clothing, although he keeps a H.E.R.O. phone ... somewhere. He doesn't always answer it, however, leading some in H.E.R.O. to believe he spends some of his time underground.

While he is a member of H.E.R.O., he was invited in after appearing at a number of events where he (generally) aided other heroes in the event. He appears to want to help, but either thinks in a very alien manner, or lost some of his sanity - perhaps during the change into a super. Most of the time one of the H.E.R.O. agents (non-heroes) will take over communicating with him due to his apparent lack of communication and comprehension.

Muckman is a leading reason for the belief that supers should also have an elemental category. He doesn't fit well into any other category, and apart from throwing rock and dirt, he's never been seen to blast anything. He does appear to be able to control rock and earth substances near him, however.

He has few weaknesses, and rarely has even been injured, apart from losing chunks of rock that appear to make up his current body..

No one is certain if Muckman has any actual combat training, because he uses only basic tactics.

Nothing is known about his past, nor his family.

Muckman first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Metamorphosis.