Big Man (no known alias))

Big Man is a 37 year old man. He is 6'6" tall at his normal height, has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is built like most bricks, with oversized muscles and a wide frame. He affects a dark blue costume with lime green stripes from the upper right chest down toward the left side and leg. He has been a member of H.E.R.O. for approximately thirteen years.

As with most bricks, Big Man has extreme strength - able to lift about 40 tons, and has the normal, nearly impenetrable skin. He can grow to double his normal height (and width/depth), and his strength becomes about four times greater at this height, although he is more susceptible to damage when using his growth. Due to the greater weight he gains when enlarged, he rarely leaps - unlike a jumper such as Spartan, his legs do not cushion the fall as much and he causes great damage to the material he lands upon. However, he can run far faster at this greater height - from his normal 25 mph up to 50 mph.

Big Man is a long time H.E.R.O. and is well known to many in Metrocity. He tends to keep himself to the southwest region of the city (he's not fond of the central portion of the city with its skyscrapers due to the problems with his weight when enlarged. He's occasionally mocked by the other heroes for his uninspired name, although he originally had the nickname when he played football many years ago, and it stuck.

He has no special weaknesses.

Big Man has both martial arts training and first aid training, although he rarely uses first aid out of concern for his strength injuring someone further.

His parents are normal humans.

Big Man is first mentioned in H.E.R.O. - New Markets.