Zonk (no known alias))

Zonk is a 33 year old man. He is 6'4" tall, has medium brown hair that is always unkempt and wild in appearance, and has brown eyes. He is fairly wide, although not as much as most bricks for his height, although he is extremely well muscled.

His costume is very colorful, and appears similar to a clown costume. The torso is red, with a variety of different colored stars all over. The right arm is purple and yellow, as is the left leg. The left arm is dark blue and light green, as is the right leg. He wears white and blue tennis shoes, white gloves and oversized glasses, and has a group of white pouches attached to the costume on the outside of each thigh.

Zonk is similar to most bricks, although his skin and tissue don't feel rock hard as others are. Instead they are very pliable, and act like thick rubber. He's been seen to leap off heights and squash against the ground, flattening to half his normal thickness. This doesn't appear to hurt or affect him negatively, although it takes a short time for his body parts to regain their normal shape. He also has some minor blaster-like abilities - he is able to create sparkles in a variety of shapes. He prefers to make shapes like flowers, balloons, streamers and other things that cause people to smile (apart from a villain who receives a faceful of shiny sparkling particles that can blind them for a dozen seconds). He can lift approximately 60 tons.

While he has been a member of H.E.R.O. for seven years, Zonk also works at a large carnival when it is in Metrocity (and it often is). He works as a combination strong man and clown, with regular attempts to use the trapeze equipment (commonly falling with a trail of sparkles before he squishes against the ground).

Some of the other members of H.E.R.O. aren't certain that Zonk is even sane between his costume and the antics he constantly performs while roaming around Metrocity. He's one of the few heroes who doesn't have a set region he patrols. When not stopping crimes he commonly acts as a wandering clown for children or others willing to stop and smile at his antics. He's not popular among the city bus and garbage truck drivers for his common tactic of leaping in front (or under) them to become squished.

He has no special weaknesses, although his appears less resistant to energy attacks than most bricks.

No one is certain if Zonk has any actual combat training, because he acts clownish even in combat.

His parents were normal humans, although he's mentioned that both passed away when he was young.

Zonk was first mentioned in H.E.R.O. - New Markets.