Celestia (Celestia Zaris))

Celestia is an 18 year old female. She is 5'0" tall, has straight, bright rainbow colored hair, and eyes with a rainbow pattern as well. She has a medium build for her petite height, and has a set of brightly colored wings sprouting from her back. They are feathered, and she has a total wingspan of approximately fifteen feet. She is a rare breed of mutant that appears beautiful rather than monstrous. Her teeth, eyes, and fingernails are all normal.

Celestia is neither a hero, nor a villain, although she is not fond of the idea of being a criminal. She is a dreamer, and loves to read. Her favorite genre is vampire romance, and since the meteorite shower, she has become smitten with Razorwing. At this time, he is unaware of her feelings, and they have not met in person.

Celestia is a "powered" mutant, much like Lady Rapture. She is fully capable of flight at approximately 60 mph. She also has the ability to generate a power stream of dark energy between her wings. Under normal circumstances, it manifests as a bright light colored to match her emotional state. Under extreme duress, she in effect opens a direct breach (or tear) into the dark energy universe that parallels our own, and which is used by the receptors in supers to "power" superpowers.

She is from Rikesville, a town to the southwest of Metrocity. She just moved to the big city, and is in search of Razorwing, with the belief that their meeting will guarantee he falls in love with her. She has stumbled upon the Goth mutants in downtown Metrocity, and unwittingly aided them in the return of their people.

Celestia is young, has relatively little schooling, having completed only high school, and worked most of a year at her grandfather's antique shop.

Celestia has no combat skills.

Her parents were normal humans, although both have been deceased for years. Her grandfather has served as her guardian for the last four years.

Celestia first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Malice.