Diva (aka Daphne [no known last name])

Daphne is a 22 year old woman. She was a model prior to becoming a super, and was brunette and curvy. After the change to a brick she grew to 5'11" tall, now weighs 250 lbs. (due to the dense muscle and tissue in her body), and her hair changed color to a a dark blue at the root, and violet at the tip. While she did gain a large quantity of muscle, her body maintained her beauty, making some wonder if a person's view of themselves has something to do with their final appearance.

Diva is a 'lightweight' brick. While her body didn't become massive in width, depth and weight, she also didn't gain as much strength and armor as most bricks do when they change. She can still lift approximately 30 tons, and she is capable of withstanding machine gun fire, although anything heavier than that will harm her. She also has natural flight. Unlike Psystar's form of flight, she must remain conscious to stay aflight, but the activity does not require any concentration on her part. She also has the field that appears to allow her (and others) to breathe at high speeds and temperatures, and reduces wind shear - although not to the degree Psystar's does.

She has no known weaknesses, apart from not being as powerful as most bricks physically. Her greatest weaknesses are likely her swinging emotional state between happiness and sadness, and her great desire for popularity and fame. She is far more interested in being liked than in actually being a hero.

At first Daphne was distraught over becoming a brick - she feared losing her career as a model. She is now seeing becoming a super as a chance for a rise to real 'rock star' status.

She has no martial arts training or first aid.

Her parents are normal humans.

Diva first appeared in H.E.R.O. - New Markets.