Dierdre Remlaw (no alias)

Dierdre is a 24 year old woman. She is a fae mutant who stands 5'0" tall, is slim of build, and has long blue hair, irises, and pupils. She has no mutant weaponry (e.g. fingernails, claws, black teeth, etc.).

She is capable of lifting about 1,500 lbs., and has the power of flight. Her maximum speed is currently 4,000 mph, after being enhanced by the virus created by Carey and Ironsite Security.

She is an air courier for Fast Flight Delivery, specializing in small package emergency deliveries. She's a confident, somewhat irreverent woman who is currently torn up by the murder of her best friend, Emme, at the hands of Planetbuster.

Dierdre has no known weaknesses, and has a high rate of regeneration, even after the virus. Her flight (and regeneration) were inhibited after her dark receptors where pulled out of her by Blake, but have returned to full strength.

She has no martial arts training or first aid.

Her parents are normal humans.

Dierdre first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Dark Breach.