Lightbeam (real name unknown)

Lightbeam is a 28 year old man. He has been a super for a decade, and appears closer to 20 years old than 28. He is 6'1" tall, is slim, but has has well-defined muscles, and has short brown hair. He has no pupils, or eyes at all that can be seen, as they constantly glow with a white light.

He is an elemental, and is capable of changing parts, or his entire, body into pure light. Any area made of light cannot be touched by normal matter, and he needs to focus to grab something with a body part currently made of light. His mastery over his powers is very good, and his clothing converts into light along with his body, and then back again when he returns to a flesh-and-blood being. He can lift about 600 lbs. when in his human form, but only about 100 lbs. while a being of light.

His powers include the ability to blast lasers of various sizes from his eyes. The maximum range is unknown, but suspected to be miles long. While he cannot keep up continuous beams for more than a second or two, he is capable of firing rapidly, and appears to have no limit or drain on the ability after regular use. The villain is able to see as far as light travels, and will see the objects as close as he desires. He cannot see through objects, however. He is capable of flight, or at least hovering in the air. He moves via a beam of light, which appears to others as a flash of light moving from his current location to the new location. This is nearly instantaneous, and he can travel with objects and people he is touching. His flight appears to be very "stop and start" to others, as he will hover, then light flashes to the new area, he reappears, and then hovers again.

Radu brought Lightbeam into Nightmonger's organization, and the apprentice discovered that he enjoyed the life of crime. Lightbeam is a cruel, careless man, more interested in abusing others than in any monetary rewards. With Radu's capture, Lightbeam is one of Nightmonger's key supers in the crime lord's entourage.

Lightbeam is weak to shadow powers, such as the shadow tentacles summoned by Blake. He cannot be touched by normal physical attacks, and is thus immune to most attacks by bricks, mutants, and elementals.

He has no martial arts training or first aid.

His parents are normal humans.

Lightbeam first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Battlefronts.