Spartan (aka Lance Casey)

Lance is 21 years old. He works as a bouncer at Score!, a combination bar and dance club in downtown Metrocity. He was a huge guy with a bodybuilder's shape even before the change, now that he's a brick he's simply enormous at 6'8". Lance has an immensely strong sense of protectiveness - not just for his good friends, but for everyone in danger. He's wanted to be a member of H.E.R.O. more than anything for a long time.

He's a reliable person, and willing to go to great lengths to help others. Spartan has had the desire to become a super for the longest between the three friends, although he's also been more aware of supers, for his mother is the only parent of the three to openly show her powers.

Lance worked out daily before the change, his mother's brick genetics transferred to him even though he didn't become a brick until the recent event. He also took martial arts training once per week, preferring combat styles that involved holds and incapacitation rather than outright damaging the opponent. He used these skills at Score! fairly often, although his size alone prevented many fights when he interrupted them.

Lance is for the most part a standard "brick" - he can lift roughly fifty tons without great effort. His skin armor is somewhat better than most bricks due to his genetics, he has extreme jumping powers, and when he is intensely focused on heavy lifting his strength can become adrenalized - capable of lifting hundreds of tons.

Lance's mother is a brick, and works for a rapid repair organization in another city. She's involved in building and street repair most of the time. Between emergencies she works in dangerous building endeavors, as her immense strength and relative invulnerability allow her to do things quickly.

Spartan first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Metamorphosis.