Rayna (no known alias)

Rayna is a 25 year old woman. She is 5'9" tall, has medium length blonde hair, blue eyes and a dark complexion. Rayna wears and pink and white costume while active as a H.E.R.O. She is known to have a bubbly personality.

It is believed that Rayna is a strange form of blaster - she has the ability to create odd creatures that appear to be a ball with one large eye, a mouth, several smaller eyes on stalks, and a pair of claws. These creatures float, and have been heard to speak basic English when spoken to. She calls them all "B's" for an unknown reason. They do not appear to be highly intelligent, however. She commonly has three of these with her at all times. Gruff is brown and white with a gray-white mohawk and goatee. Duff is white and blue with black hair - he primarily acts as a scout. Fluff is the largest and is pink and white with a red mohawk and scruffy goatee. This one appears to be her primary attack 'B' as she calls it, as it has been seen to bite and grab villains with great effect.

Rayna normally responds to events with non-super villains.

She has no special weaknesses, although being unarmored she is susceptible to normal weapons, as well as all elemental and psionic abilities.

She has fairly good martial arts skills, and is very well versed in first aid. (Also, Duff's drool can seal wounds even on normal humans.)

Her parents are normal humans.

Rayna first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Dark Research.