Basilisk (no known alias)

Basilisk is a 42 year old man. He is 6'10" tall, has no body hair, and his skin is a light green color. His eyes are brown, although the pupil is a slit rather than a circle in shape. His ears are slightly webbed, and he has a bumpy ridge running from his eyebrow ridge down the center of his head. Rather than eyebrows, he also has bumpy ridges along the top and outer part of each eye socket. His nose barely protrudes off his skull, and he has thin lips and a forked tongue. His fingernails are black and longer than normal - as with most mutants they are razor sharp and very strong.

He is neither a villain nor a hero, although some in law enforcement question whether he is involved in some criminal activities. He is the only male "head" amongst the Goth mutants in Metrocity, although he commonly stands back and allows Lady Rapture to keep all eyes on her. His views and command are as strong as the three Ladies among the Goth clubs, however. He is almost always seen alongside Lady Rapture, although this is more from a sense of wanting to protect her than as a protector (as Sharae is for Lady Celeste). Basilisk is quiet most of the time, preferring to listen and comment when others are not in the area than to speak about things among those he is not familiar with. He is commonly found at the club he co-owns with Lady Rapture, Spellbound.

Basilisk is a mutant. As with other larger mutants, he has attributes similar to a brick - hard skin, denser tissue (though not to the degree of a brick), and strength nearly that of a brick. He is capable of lifting 40 tons. His fingernails are razor sharp, although he cannot extend them - he rarely uses these in combat, preferring to use his strength instead. Although his ears appear fin-like, and suggest a watery nature, Basilisk is more like a reptile than a fish, and cannot breathe water.

He has no special weaknesses.

Basilisk is a capable brawler.

His parents are normal humans.

Basilisk first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Horde.