Tiriffa Ziiphlan (no known alias)

Tiriffa is a Gahranii scientist. As are all the known Gahranii, she shares traits with the supers of Earth. She is 5'10" tall, has light blue skin, wide and long pointed ears, large fiery red eyes with a slit iris, three fingers with an enlarged tip and extremely hard claw. She has two large toes and a faded white pattern on the center of her upper chest, upper arms, and outer legs. She has a ridge down the center of her head above her forehead, and her hair is long, styled in a braid in the back, and is an earth color. Her teeth are fanged, and her mouth is wider than a human's.

Her only known gift is the ability to communicate with electronics via a psionic ability.

She has no special weaknesses, although being unarmored she is susceptible to normal weapons, as well as all elemental and psionic abilities.

She has no martial arts training or first aid.

Tiriffa first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Dark Research.